Update/add Drip people with their unique share link and referrer information.

The Drip integration is only available to users on a GrowSurf paid plan.

Sync with Drip

Step 1: In Campaign Editor > 4. Options > Integrations, click the Connect to Drip button.

IMPORTANT: Because the GrowSurf data sync to Drip only occurs after you have connected with the integration, it is imperative to connect with the integration BEFORE importing participants. Click here to see remedy options if you have already imported participants into your campaign but would like to sync their GrowSurf data to Drip.

Step 2: Sign in to Drip

Step 3: Once connected, choose the Drip account and Drip tag that you want to automatically sync to. GrowSurf will add/update your Drip people every time a new participant is added or referred to your referral campaign.


View our Drip tutorials to see different kinds of examples that you can copy/paste into your email templates.

Custom Fields

GrowSurf will automatically create these new custom fields for your Drip people.

*GRSF Referral Status can be the following: CREDIT_PENDING (This participant must still trigger a referral for their referrer to receive referral credit), CREDIT_AWARDED (This participant triggered a referral and their referrer received referral credit), CREDIT_EXPIRED (This participant did not trigger the referral credit within the referral credit expiration window so their referrer did not receive referral credit).

You can use these custom fields in your Drip email templates. Whether you launch a new marketing campaign or have an automated drip campaign going on, make sure to always include {{ subscriber.grsf_share_url }} in your emails to provoke your people to make referrals!

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If the new participant isn't being added to Drip, or if they are being added but their unique referral link isn't being synced to Drip:

    • Activity logs will denote if a participant was added to Drip or if they failed to be added. (In the case of failure, GrowSurf will re-attempt to add them for 7 days).

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