Google Tag Manager

These instructions will show you step-by-step how to install GrowSurf onto Google Tag Manager.

Important Note:

A very common issue with using Google Tag Manager is that common adblockers will prevent it from loading in the browser. Please be aware that referrals will not work properly if Google Tag Manager is blocked.

Step 1: In your Tag Manager console, click 'Add a new tag' (located in the New Tag card).

Step 2: In the top input field, rename the tag to 'GrowSurf Universal Code'

Step 3: Click the Tag Configuration card and a 'Choose tag type' options menu will slide in from the right side. Scroll down and select 'Custom HTML'

Step 4: In the HTML section, paste your campaign-specific GrowSurf Universal Code

Step 5: Click the Triggering card and then click on 'All Pages' in the Choose a trigger menu that slides in from the right (this will load the GrowSurf Universal Code on all pages of your site, which we recommend)

Step 6: Click the top-right blue 'Save' button to save the tag

Step 7: Click the top-right blue 'Submit' button to save your workspace

Need help?

Here are some helpful resources:

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