Getting Started for Native Mobile

For native iOS and Android app integration, start here once you've created your GrowSurf campaign.
In order to integrate a referral program into your native iOS or Android application, there are three flows to consider (you can mix and match any of these with Web implementations):
  1. 1.
    Referral tracking - knowing when someone who downloads your app came through a referral link
  2. 2.
    Referral trigger - knowing when the referred friend performs a qualifying action, which unlocks rewards
  3. 3.
    Referral portal - giving your logged-in users a way to share their referral link and check the status of their referrals

Referral tracking

Let's say you want to track which users that downloaded your app came through a referral link.
You have two options for referral tracking on mobile.
Option #1: Web + native mobile integration
Option #2: Native mobile integration

Referral trigger

To unlock rewards, your referred mobile users will need to complete a qualifying action that triggers a referral.
On the server-side, you'll need to call the GrowSurf REST API endpoint /POST Trigger Referral by Participant Email.
This endpoint only requires the referred logged-in user's email address at a minimum (this person will already exist as a referred GrowSurf participant in your campaign from the referral tracking step above).

Referral portal

For the use-case of providing your mobile app users with their referral links and ability to see the status of their referrals, you would use the GrowSurf REST API to retrieve data and display on the client-side.
These are the most common endpoints used by GrowSurf customers: