What is GrowSurf?

GrowSurf is referral software for B2C and B2B tech companies.

GrowSurf runs on autopilot and does all the heavy lifting to handle your referral program.

With GrowSurf, you get a powerful referral engine, out of the box

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What does GrowSurf look like to your customers?

To see how your referral campaign would look integrated with your site, please see the following examples that use Embedded Elements:

How long does it take to create a referral campaign?

Creating a GrowSurf campaign can take you 15-60 minutes, depending on how much your customize (e.g, emails, colors, social messages).

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Once your campaign is ready to be published, you can view your installation instructions (which are specific to your campaign).

What does integration look like?

You will be provided with step-by-step instructions specific to the campaign you set up

Installation can be completed in a few days (many GrowSurf customers install referral tracking within an afternoon). The more complex your reward schema or automation needs, the more time it will take. End-to-end integration includes referral tracking installation, setting up a dedicated referrer page/section, automating rewards, and optimizing for marketing best practices.

GrowSurf provides a complete development toolkit (JS, REST API, Webhooks, Embeddable Elements, Zapier, and third-party integrations).

On this developer docs site, you'll find helpful guides on how to integrate your GrowSurf campaign and automate reward fulfillment -- tutorials and code examples included.

Visit our Help Center for additional FAQs and support.