What is GrowSurf?

​GrowSurf is referral software for B2C and B2B tech companies.
GrowSurf runs on autopilot and does all the heavy lifting to handle your referral program.
With GrowSurf, you get a powerful referral engine, out of the box
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To see how your referral program would look integrated with your website/web app, please see the following examples that use Embedded Elements:

How long does integration take?

GrowSurf can be fully implemented in a few days or less. Many GrowSurf customers get up and running within a day. This includes campaign setup, referral tracking installation, setting up a referral portal, and automating reward fulfillment.
B2B SaaS (Self-Service)
B2B SaaS (Enterprise)
B2C Subscriptions
Financial Services
Online Insurance
Online Education
Once you set up your GrowSurf campaign, you'll be provided with your campaign-specific integration instructions. You can invite your development team at this step to complete the final steps (see image below).
You will be provided with step-by-step instructions specific to the campaign you set up
GrowSurf provides a complete development toolkit (JS, REST API, Webhooks, Embeddable Elements, Zapier, and third-party integrations).
On this developer docs site, you'll find helpful guides on how to integrate your GrowSurf campaign and automate reward fulfillment -- tutorials and code examples included.
Visit our Help Center for additional FAQs and support.
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