Getting Started for Web

For web integration, start here once you've created your GrowSurf campaign.

Step 1: Install the GrowSurf Universal Code onto your site

Get the GrowSurf Universal Code.

The GrowSurf Universal Code is what allows referrals to be tracked and credited properly.

It's also what powers the GrowSurf window and embeddable elements to be displayed to your participants so that they can get their unique share link, click social share buttons, and check their referral stats and/or the leaderboard.

The GrowSurf Universal Code is a snippet of JavaScript that you paste into the <HEAD> of your website.

To get your campaign-specific GrowSurf Universal Code, follow the Installation steps in the Campaign Editor until you get to the instructions page (see image below).


  • Your campaign-specific GrowSurf Universal Code will work on any URL that shares the same origin (what's same-origin?) as the Share URL or Signup URL that you entered in the Installation step of the Campaign Editor. Click here for image

  • If you have Participant authentication/login enabled, you may want to set up Participant Auto Authentication.

  • To set up a development process that supports multiple environments (e.g, development, production), view this article.

Step 2: Integrate with GrowSurf API(s)

Use our client-side or server-side APIs to integrate with GrowSurf to add participants and to trigger referrals.

Development Tool




Create new participants, trigger referrals, get limited campaign data, get limited participant data, and open/close the GrowSurf window.


Create new participants, trigger referrals, get campaign data, and get participant data from a secure environment.

Step 3: Automate reward fulfillment

Set up automatic reward fulfillment and data syncing by using Webhooks and/or Zapier.


To troubleshoot common issues during installation, check out Help Center - Installation articles.

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