Update/add HubSpot contacts with their unique share link, referrer information, and referral status.

Note: The HubSpot integration is only available to users on a GrowSurf paid plan.

Sync with your HubSpot contacts

Step 1: In Campaign Editor > 4. Options > Integrations, click the Connect to HubSpot button

Step 2: Choose a HubSpot account

Once you have successfully connected to HubSpot, GrowSurf will automatically create a new contact property group called GrowSurf in your HubSpot account that contains new contact properties (see image below). You can confirm these contact properties in the Settings > Contact Properties page in your Hubspot account.

Details of each GrowSurf contact property can be found in the table below:


Field type



GrowSurf Participant ID

Single-line text

The participant's unique GrowSurf ID


GrowSurf Referral Status

Single-line text

The referral status of the participant*


GrowSurf Referrer Email

Single-line text

The email of the participant's referrer

GrowSurf Referrer First Name

Single-line text

The first name of the participant's referrer


GrowSurf Referrer Last Name

Single-line text

The last name of the participant's referrer


GrowSurf Share URL

Single-line text

The participant's unique Share URL (contains their unique GrowSurf ID)

*GrowSurf Referral Status can be the following: CREDIT_PENDING (This participant must still trigger a referral for their referrer to receive referral credit), CREDIT_AWARDED (This participant triggered a referral and their referrer received referral credit), CREDIT_EXPIRED (This participant did not trigger the referral credit within the referral credit expiration window so their referrer did not receive referral credit).

Troubleshooting Tips

  • HubSpot has rate limiting in place for all plans. Please make sure that you are not hitting those limits by following their limits. Learn more here.