Trigger referrals on Salesforce opportunities and update/add Salesforce contact field labels with their unique share link and referrer information.
Note: The Salesforce integration is only available to users on the GrowSurf Business plan.

Referral Trigger


When you connect your Salesforce account to your GrowSurf campaign and enable Referral Trigger, GrowSurf will automatically detect and trigger referrals on Salesforce opportunity stage changes.
GrowSurf will check the email addresses associated to a Salesforce opportunity contact for a match with a GrowSurf participant's email address. In order for a referral to trigger from within Salesforce, the following must be true:
  1. 1.
    An opportunity must exist in Salesforce
  2. 2.
    One or more contacts must be associated to that opportunity
  3. 3.
    One or more of those contacts associated to the opportunity must exist as participants within the GrowSurf campaign connected to Salesforce
If all of the above holds true and a match is found, the referral will trigger within GrowSurf once the opportunity stage moves to the target referral stage configured within the Salesforce referral trigger settings. Referral credit will then be given to the referrer and unlock any rewards, if applicable.
If a referral has already been triggered (and referral credit already was awarded), then nothing else will happen because referral credit can only be awarded once.
Here's how to set up Salesforce referral triggers:

How to Set Up

Important Note: Unless your campaign is configured to add participants automagically (see image), you'll need to make sure you first call JavaScript growsurf.addParticipant() or REST API /POST Add Participant to add new participants.
Step 1: In Campaign Editor > 4. Options > Integrations, click the Connect to Salesforce button
Step 2: Once connected, toggle the switch to enable the Referral Trigger.
Step 3: Select a Salesforce opportunity stage.
(Optional) Step 4: You can add a referral trigger hold period by toggling the Show advanced settings section.
Note: The referral trigger hold period is useful for making sure that opportunities that fall through do not count as referrals. During this hold period, if an opportunity does not retain the stage you selected, the referral trigger will be cancelled completely.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • When testing out the Salesforce Referral Trigger integration, make sure to view participants' activity logs for details that can help you troubleshoot any issues.
  • When a Salesforce opportunity's stage is changed, that event is sent to GrowSurf asynchronously and could take up to one minute or longer depending on load. Until the event is received, GrowSurf cannot process the event and trigger the referral. Furthermore, we use a message queue to process these events. If you do not see a referral trigger right away, please be patient.

Sync Data


When new GrowSurf participants are added to your campaign, they will automatically be added/updated as Salesforce contacts with new GrowSurf Field Labels. Their unique share link and referrer information will be available for use in emails and reports.

How to Set Up

Step 1: In Campaign Editor > 4. Options > Integrations, click the Connect to Salesforce button
Step 2: Give GrowSurf authorization to connect to Salesforce
Important Note: Your Salesforce user account MUST have the proper permissions to perform the following actions within Salesforce:
  • Create custom fields
  • Assign permissions to those custom fields
  • Create new contacts
If the you do not have these permissions, the Salesforce integration cannot be enabled within your campaign. Please contact your Salesforce system administrator to update your user account with the listed permissions to proceed.

Enabling Contact Field Visibility in Salesforce

Once you have successfully connected to Salesforce, GrowSurf fields are automatically available. However, in some cases the custom field permissions must be modified to grant other Salesforce users access and allow visibility.
To find contact fields and add permissions to those fields as an admin, follow the steps below:
Step 1: In Salesforce navigate to Setup > Object Manager > Contact > Fields and Relationships
Step 2: Select a Field Label from the list
Step 3: Click the Set Field-Level Security button and make modifications.
Critical Note: If any of the defaulted permissions (currently System Administrator and Standard User) are removed, GrowSurf will not have the ability to add contacts with the GrowSurf custom fields (e.g., GrowSurf Share URL).

How to Add Fields to Page Layouts in Salesforce

To view the GrowSurf custom fields within Salesforce, you must update one or more page layouts so that the fields appear for contacts within Salesforce.
Step 1: In Salesforce navigate to Setup > Object Manager > Contact > Page Layouts
Step 2: Select the target page layout from the list
Step 3: Click and drag one or more GrowSurf custom contact fields into the view
Step 4: Click the Save button
Step 5: Navigate to the layout to view the added fields


​View our Salesforce tutorials to see different kinds of examples that you can copy/paste into your email templates.

Contact Field Labels

GrowSurf will automatically create these new contact field labels for your Salesforce contacts.
Field Label
API Field Name
GrowSurf Share URL
The participant's unique Share URL (contains their unique GrowSurf ID)
GrowSurf Participant ID
The participant's unique GrowSurf ID
GrowSurf Referral Status
The referral status of the participant*
GrowSurf Referrer Email
The email of the participant's referrer
GrowSurf Referrer First Name
The first name of the participant's referrer
GrowSurf Referrer Last Name
The last name of the participant's referrer
GrowSurf Participant First Name
The participant's First Name
GrowSurf Participant Last Name
The participant's Last Name
GrowSurf Total Referral Count
The participant's all-time referral count
GrowSurf Monthly Referral Count
The participant's current month referral count
Prev Monthly Referral Count
The participant's previous month referral count
GrowSurf Next Milestone
The text for the next/upcoming milestone reward (only applies to milestone rewards. See an example here)
You are only 2 referrals away from winning a free t-shirt!
GrowSurf Next Monthly Milestone
The text for the next/upcoming monthly milestone reward (only applies to milestone rewards. See an example here​
You are only 2 referrals away from winning a free t-shirt!
GrowSurf Total Invite Count
The participant's all-time invite count
GrowSurf Total Impression Count
The participant's all-time impression count
*GrowSurf Referral Status can be the following: CREDIT_PENDING (This participant must still trigger a referral for their referrer to receive referral credit), CREDIT_AWARDED (This participant triggered a referral and their referrer received referral credit), CREDIT_EXPIRED (This participant did not trigger the referral credit within the referral credit expiration window so their referrer did not receive referral credit).

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If the new participant isn't being added to Salesforce, or if they are being added but their unique referral link isn't being synced to Salesforce:
    • Activity logs will denote if a participant was added to Salesforce or if they failed to be added. (In the case of failure, GrowSurf will re-attempt to add them for 7 days).
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