Trigger referrals on new Stripe charges or automatically apply Stripe coupons as rewards.

Note: The Stripe integration is only available to users on a GrowSurf paid plan.

Referral Trigger


When you connect your Stripe account to your GrowSurf campaign and enable Referral Trigger, GrowSurf will automatically detect and trigger referrals on new Stripe charges.

GrowSurf will check if the Stripe customer's email address matches a GrowSurf participant's email address. If a match is found, then a referral will trigger, giving referral credit to the referrer and unlocking any rewards, if applicable. If a referral has already been triggered (and referral credit already was awarded), then nothing else will happen because referral credit can only be awarded once.

Here's how to set up Stripe referral triggers:

How to Set Up

Important Note: Unless your campaign is configured to add participants automagically (see image), you'll need to make sure you first call JavaScript growsurf.addParticipant() or REST API /POST Add Participant to add new participants.

Step 1: In Campaign Editor > 4. Options > Integrations, click the Connect to Stripe button

Step 2: Once connected, GrowSurf will have Referral Trigger enabled by default.

(Optional) Step 3: You can add a referral trigger hold period by toggling the Show advanced settings section.

Note: The referral trigger hold period is useful for preventing fraud and helps minimizes losses due to refunds and chargebacks. During this period, if there is a refund or chargeback, the referral will never be triggered.

Stripe Customer Metadata

GrowSurf will also update metadata for Stripe customers who trigger referrals.

Metadata Key



GrowSurf Participant ID

The referred Stripe customer's participant ID


GrowSurf Participant Referred By URL

The URL of the participant who referred the Stripe customer

GrowSurf Participant Referred By Email

The email address of the participant who referred the Stripe customer

[email protected]

Test Mode

Our Stripe integration comes with a test mode that allows you to test triggering referrals without using live payments. When you toggle Test Mode on, GrowSurf will also process all test mode payments made in your Stripe account.

For more details on Stripe Testing, see here.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • When testing out the Stripe Trigger Referral integration, make sure to view participants' activity logs for details that can help you troubleshoot any issues.

Coupons (Coming Soon)


When a GrowSurf participant unlocks a reward, apply a coupon to a Stripe customer.