Add referral tracking to your Typeform form to automatically recognize new leads that come through referrals.
Please note the following requirements to make Typeform work with GrowSurf:
  • A Typeform Plus account is required.
  • Your form must be embedded on your own webpage (you cannot use the stand-alone https://xxxx.typeform.com/to/xxxx webpage).

Prep Your Form

If you have an embedded Typeform form on your website that you want to add referral tracking to, follow these instructions:β€Œ
Step 1: Open the GrowSurf campaign editor and navigate to the Installation tab.β€Œ
Step 2: Continue through the installation steps until you reach the referral tracking method section (see image below).β€‹β€Œ
Step 3: Click the Typeform icon and follow your campaign-specific instructions (see image below).β€Œ
Step 4: Once your Typeform form has been prepped, continue on with the rest of the GrowSurf installation process.β€Œ

Additional Tips

  • While following your campaign-specific Typeform instructions in the GrowSurf campaign editor, you may skip any steps that you have already completed from previous setup in Typeform.
  • If you run into issues or have any questions, please reach out to GrowSurf support for assistance.
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Prep Your Form
Additional Tips