Make is a code-free tool that lets you connect to thousands of apps to automate rewards or sync data.

Example scenarios

Make lets you perform an action when a certain GrowSurf event occurs -- all without having to write any code. Here are a few scenarios in which you would use Make:

  • New Participant Reward: WHEN a participant reaches a referral goal and thus unlocks a reward, THEN automatically add a new row in Google Sheets.

  • New Participant: WHEN a new participant is added to your GrowSurf campaign, THEN add/update them in your email service provider (e.g, Mailchimp, InfusionSoft, ConvertKit, HubSpot).

  • Campaign Ended: WHEN your GrowSurf campaign ends, THEN email the results of the referral program to your company CEO (total number of impressions, referrals, etc).

  • Trigger Referral: WHEN you get a new charge in Stripe, THEN trigger a referral.

Getting started

  1. Then sign into your Make account, or create a Make account if you don't already have one.

  2. Once logged in, click the Create a new scenario button. You'll then see a screen asking What services do you want to integrate?, and we can move to the next step, which is setting up the Make scenario.

Note: Make's free plan provides you with 2 total active scenarios and 1,000 free operations per month. For more, you will need to upgrade your Make plan.

Next steps

View our Tutorials to view examples of how to set up Make Scenarios for common use-cases.

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