We'll walk you through creating Pabbly Connect workflows.

Example 1: New Participant Added

In this example, we'll connect GrowSurf to Slack. Whenever a new participant is added to your GrowSurf referral campaign, we'll send a message in Slack.
Click on the link above to get access to Pabbly Connect.
Your screen should now look like this:
Once logged into Pabbly Connect, navigate to Connect and click the Access Now button.

Step 2: Click on the Create Workflow button

In the Name field, type the name of your workflow, then click Create.
Your screen should now look like this:

Step 3: Set up the trigger for GrowSurf to Slack Integration

In the field Choose App, type Growsurf and select GrowSurf from the dropdown menu. Then in the field Trigger Event, select New Participant from the dropdown menu.
Your screen should now look like this:

Step 4: Copy the Webhook URL

Step 5: Connect GrowSurf to Pabbly Connect

Scroll down and click Webhooks. In the Webhook URL field, paste the webhook URL, then click Show advanced webhook settings and select New Participant. Next, click the SAVE CHANGES button in the top right corner.

Step 6: Test Integration

To check if the integration is capturing data or not, go to Workflows in Pabbly Connect and click Capture Webhook Response.
Your screen should now look like this:
Next, go to your webhooks integration in GrowSurf and click the TEST button, then select New Participant for the Webhook Event and click the SEND button.
Your screen should now look like this:
Return to your Pabbly Connect dashboard. If the webhook response was captured, you will see something similar to this:
When you are done examing the information, click the Save button.

Step 7: Set Action for GrowSurf to Slack Integration

On the same screen as your webhook response, click the plus button and choose an action.
Your screen should now look like this:
Choose the application and Action Event
Your screen should now look like this:

Step 8: Click the Connect With Slack Button

Step 9: Connect Slack to Pabbly Connect

To authenticate your Slack account, please click the Connect with Slack button and then grant the permission to connect Pabbly Connect and Slack.
In Pabbly Connect, please add the information from your webhook response to the Message field. Your Message field should look similar to this:
Please note the Bot Name can be the same name as your Channel.
After you finish adding the required information, please click the Save & Send Test Request button.
Your screen should look similar to this:
Click the Save button to save the workflow.

Step 10: Check Response in Slack

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