Webhooks send data to your server when important events occur in your referral campaign. This lets you automatically fulfill rewards or update users in your database.

Example scenarios

Here are a few scenarios in which you would use webhooks:

  • If you want to have an internal points system for your users, webhooks let you add credits to users in your database every time a referral happens.

  • Every time a new participant joins your referral campaign, webhooks lets you save their unique referral link (and other information) into your database.

Getting started

Step 1: Add a webhook URL to your campaign

  1. Go to the Options step in the Campaign Editor.

  2. In the Set up integrations section, click the Webhooks card. Then enter your webhook endpoint URL.

  3. Publish/save your changes.

Tip: You can test your webhook URL to see if it is set up properly and/or to see the different types of data from each webhook event. Simply click the Test button right next to the webhook URL input field.

Tip: You can select the specific events to receive within the advanced webhook settings section.

Retry logic

If we are unable to deliver a webhook the first time, GrowSurf will attempt to redeliver your webhooks for several days with an exponential back off. After several days of failed attempts we will mark the webhook as undeliverable and it will no longer be retried.

Next steps

View Examples of implementing webhooks, or view what the request payloads for webhook events look like:

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