If you are experiencing issues with your Zapier setup, you can use Zapier's Zap History feature to help.

Zap History

Zap History helps you keep track of everything that Zapier has tried to automate for you. It logs all the activity in your Zaps and transfers, including the data moved from one step to another. This is useful when trying to figure out what went wrong, and a fix is needed. To learn more, visit View and manage your Zap history.

When attempting to address issues with your Zap, it's important to remember that Zapier will perform a check for new data on your Zap every 1 to 15 minutes, based on your Zapier plan.

If you contact GrowSurf support regarding Zapier issues, you will need to provide us with screenshot(s) and data payloads from the Zap History so we can further investigate.

Test Data

The data used for testing may not accurately represent your campaign data, as it is solely intended for configuring the Zap. When the Zap triggers for a live campaign, real data will be provided in the Zap.

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